About us

About Us

Hello pawfriends and hoomans! Welcome to our pet-centric shop. My name is Suchi Murugu, the founder of Leia’s Organics. My sweet girl Leia, an English Goldendoodle was the inspiration behind our small business. We got her in the summer of 2020, and she quickly became a huge part of my family. Miss. Leia loves long walks, photoshoots, and daily cuddles. Before bringing her home I faced the challenge of finding organic and natural grooming products, since I knew she would be bathed a lot. After researching for weeks, my family and I were not satisfied with the grooming products that were available on the market. Even though most of the products were advertised as organic and natural. They had some form of toxic and unethically-sourced ingredients in them. My family has always revolved around products that are natural, organic, and vegan. So compromising on a product that was not 100% organic, natural,and vegan seemed dismaying. My mom started formulating handmade pet care products for Leia, since she has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I was so happy when my mom started formulating the products according to Leia’s grooming needs because it gave Leia the care she deserved.

Our friends and neighbors quickly noticed the difference in Leia’s fur. We received tons of questions on how she never lost the softness or shine of her puppy hair. Once we told them we were formulating her shampoo & conditioner according to her hair needs, they started asking for custom made products too! I wanted all pets to enjoy all-natural and safe products. To do that, we created a pet care line that is 100% customizable according to your furbaby’s needs. Apart from formulating pet care products, we strive to deliver elegant apparels to our pawfriends. Leia’s Organics pledges to only provide exceptional products by taking the time to meticulously hand make all our goodies. Thank you so much for being our valued customer and supporting our small business! It’s because of you we are able to carry out our passion for providing the care you deserve.


Leia’s Organics.

Our Mission & Experience

85 million families in America own a pet. We want to inspire our customers to put their needs first and go natural! Healthier ingredients make your dogs live longer and happier lives.

Leia’s organics is a natural, organic, and vegan dog skincare boutique. We are a family-owned small business located in Apex, North Carolina. Lakhmi, the Co-founder, handcrafts every grooming product sold by Leia’s Organics. With 20+ years in the pharmaceuticals and skincare industry, Lakshmi dedicates herself to formulating products for pets!

These products are not only safe, but also healthy for your pup! Our bandanas and bows are handcrafted by my aunt, Rani and cousins in India! My aunt works in the textile industry and was inspired by all the pawdorable dog wear available in the market to design her own pup clothing line!
We believe that our pets deserve the absolute best of the best!

Our Promise

Leia’s Organics is devoted to providing exceptional handmade natural and organic products that are safe for our environment. We are dedicated to using only healthy ingredients that are environmentally friendly to reduce the use of harsh chemicals.

Earth Friendly

We pride ourselves by using only the ingredients we need to formulate products that are not only beneficial for our furbabies, but better for the earth as well.

No Animal Cruelty

Leia’s Organics is unquestionably wildlife loving and we do not involve any animal testing for our products.

Handmade With love

Handmade with love always. Happy Pup ♡ Happy Us

100% Vegan