About us

Leia’s Organics

‘I work hard so my dog can have the world’ is the underlying foundation of Leia’s Organics. We believe simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance and your pet can be overdressed, but never over elegant. Our mission is simple : Comfort with Style. Each item is hand-stitched with love & Care for Functionality, Safety, and Elegance. We strive to make your pet into the style icon they are and redefine the pet fashion industry.

Why Leia’s Organics


Each appeal designed for longevity and practicality for the special pup in you life


Our appeal is hand-crafted with love for safety, functionality, elegance. Quality is top priority


Each product is designed for uniqueness and individuality! that’s why we created a brand centered towards fluffs of all sizes

I created Leia’s Organics with one mission in mind : to provide unique hand-stitched pet apparel that is stylish yet comfortable. Our promise is to take individuality seriously and revolutionize the pet community with luxurious yet functional pet products. We want you to feel like the start you are when you decide to become an LO PuP – from product to delivery.

Suchi Murugu

Founder & CEO